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Manufacturing of Water Treatment Polymers

The Industrial Scale Production of this class of polymers relies on conventional polymerization technologies; these technologies require conventional chemical reactors with the simplest possible process details and low capital cost set-ups in chemical engineering terms. It is the chemistries used in their commercial production that are rare and intricate and thus held as trade secrets.

All of the necessary and sufficient details of the commercial production of the ultra-high molecular weight polymers are transferable know-how from Cizravi & Associates of Canada (C&A) under contractual agreement. In this business (C&A) is free. Once you acquire the know-how of the commercial production technologies of these polymers, your country wil be producing the generic equivalents of the commercial brand-named products, at least equivalent in qualities if not superior. Why superior you ask? ...Possibly because you are served inferior brand-name product qualities.

Why would you decide to acquire the know-how of the commercial manufacturing technologies of the water treatment polymers?

For one, one wishes to produce these polymers locally. One would then create export opportunities as the existing Swiss, European and Japanese Corporations' expensive supply routes to your backyard would be disrupted.

You supplying to local markets will enable you to help your country save hard-currencies by halting exhorbitant import-purchases. These polymers have high profit margins, more so for the petroleum field applications and such margins remain high and profitable, whereas commodity prices do drop with speculative market movements and fall short of expectations.

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